For Writers:

Poets & Writers: Features profiles of the literary greats and up-and-coming novelists and poets. Check out their contest pages.

Authors Guild: In the brave new world of e-books and Google settlements, the Guild is going to bat for authors.

Writing Mamas Salon: There is life after children. The Writing Mamas blogs tell all. Contact us if you want to be a featured speaker at the monthly meetings.

Society of Environmental Journalists: A great network of print and online journalists covering the environmental beat. The daily digest is highly recommended.

Authors I know and like: Tara Masih, whose short fiction absolutely glows; Harriet Rohmer, inspiring the next generation of environmental heroes; Lisa See, who brings Chinese history to life in her novels.


More about the Three Gorges, setting for In the Lap of the Gods:

Ghosts Under Water,” published in Earth Island Journal: My 2006 visit to the fabled ghost town of Fengdu in its last days before the flooding. Sounds pretty biblical, doesn’t it?

Traveling Down the Yangtze: Peter Bosshard of International Rivers takes a trip in 2009 to the river towns affected by the Three Gorges dam.

Before the Deluge: An excellent portrait of the Three Gorges by Deirdre Chetham of Harvard University’s Asia Center. She dives deeply into the history, mythology, and culture of the region, which had been unchanged for a millennium - until the dam's construction.

Yangtze River: The Wildest, Wickedest River on Earth, edited by Madeleine Lynn: A gorgeous collection of works about the Yangtze, including Tang dynasty era poems, lamentations of a Chinese boatman, and the lore of 19th century British explorers.